User's Guide

5 STEPS TO SAVINGS & SUSTAINABILITY: Begin by entering your zip code or previous session number to see a typical home's baseline energy use and potential savings. Provide more information to estimate energy cost, consumption, and greenhouse-gas emissions for a specific home and to receive a detailed list of savings recommendations. Visit the Learn area for information to help implement the recommendations.

Input your zip code or existing session ID. Once you've entered the information and selected "Go", you will receive a breakdown of the energy use, costs, and greenhouse-gas emissions of a typical house in your region, and the same house after energy-efficient improvements. Visit the Describe tab to customize your assessment.

Input key facts about your home. Enter information at a simple or detailed level. Visit the input modules in any order you wish. If you can't provide everything that is asked for, don't worry—we automatically apply default values drawn from a database of typical housing characteristics. Visit the Compare tab to see the results.

View results. When more specific inputs are provided, energy use, greenhouse-gas emissions, and annual costs are calculated for your home. Click the "calculate" button at any time to update your results. Check out the carbon map to see how you compare to other houses. Visit the Upgrades tab for detailed recommended energy efficiency improvements.

View recommendations. View an itemized list of recommended upgrades and their savings and payback times. You can adjust the estimated implementation costs to match local conditions. Visit the Learn tab for help in making the savings happen.

Browse background readings and help on implementing the recommendations.